Since its establishment in 2016, the goal of Saltadena has and always will be to create beautiful food that tastes absolutely delicious. For me, cakes represent an intersection between two things I love most in life—food and art. Opening Saltadena has allowed me to tap into my creative side and offer a more varied experience in taste, texture and aesthetics. While each client has different needs, I offer a very modern and clean aesthetic that can easily be applied to any occasion and leave a lasting, timeless impression on you and your guests.


When it comes to ingredients, we believe the label should be short and sweet. At ACME Ice Cream, that’s an easy ask. We source our cream locally from happy neighborhood cows and juicy berries grown within arm’s reach of our verdant hometown in Whatcom County. Exotic ingredients like our coffee, chocolate, and vanilla come from fair trade, single-origin, and premium growing locations around the world. Sweetened naturally with cane sugar and never pumped up with air, ACME Ice Cream is pure, unadulterated goodness. It all adds up to the thickest, richest experience possible proving once again that less really is more – in life and ice cream!

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Food is an essential part of all family and social interactions in the Middle East where people grow up with intense flavors, colorful, vibrant foods fresh from the marketplace, prepared simply and with a lot of passion. Aromatic herbs fill the streets and a spirit of warmth and generosity exudes welcome at any table.


Here at mamnoon, we share these strengths brought with us from Lebanon and Syria to the new world of Seattle – where modern curiosity, compassion, progressive values and tolerance are paving the way for harmonious integration and celebration of cultures and flavors.

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Chan Restaurant is the only Korean gastropub in Seattle. Our intimate setting is located within the historic Pike Place Market complex and is reminiscent of the places we love in Seoul, Korea.

Chan offers traditional Korean dishes using Western ingredients and modern cooking techniques. Korean-born Chef Heong Soon Park and his team bring diners an outstanding array of powerful flavors which blend spicy, salty, sour, sweet and umami on the plate.

Our focus is on the creating an immersive Korean culinary experience for our diners.

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Addo means inspire in Latin.  It's where all the ideas from our restaurant group start, get developed, and are showcased to the public through many formats.  Dinners, brunch, pop-ups, incubators that help up-and-coming chefs get moving in the right direction, and so much more.  addo is a place for ideas that become reality.  We are a restaurant that focuses on tasting menus do please join us for one or all.

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Since opening in August of 2008, Spinasse has garnered much acclaim for its interpretation of the traditional cuisine of the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. Chef Stuart Lane and his team create simple, refined dishes grounded in authentic techniques from Piedmont, while incorporating the products of artisans and small farmers from the Pacific Northwest.

We welcome you to enjoy our handmade pastas and seasonally inspired dishes and desserts, alongside a carefully curated wine list. Our dining room reflects an authentic, rustic, classicality found in Piedmontese trattorias and our small bar features a birds-eye view of our open kitchen. Wherever you sit, your enjoyment of our food and the restaurant is of primary importance to us.


The philosophy of the bakery is to enhance both the natural products and the flavor of the various grains. The baked goods are created from Northwest apples, potatoes, cranberries and hazelnuts, as well as wheat, rye, barley and buckwheat flour. Macrina Casera, the house bread, was developed to be eaten at any meal, complementing all foods.

The bakers at Macrina love bread and that shows in the quality. This is bread that celebrates the tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.


Gracia is the Spanish translation for the word grace. Gerl's vision for Gracia is founded on his deep admiration and reverence for Mexican culture and cuisine.  A palate cultivated by his many years of travels across Mexico and his tenure in Seattle and New York kitchens, Gerl strives to create dishes reflective of his personal experiences.  Sourcing pure and honest ingredients, he preserves and honors the history and techniques of traditional Mexican cuisine.  Gerl imports non-GMO, heirloom corn varieties from Oaxaca, Mexico, then nixtamalizes the kernels in house; the result, fresh masa.  Masa, the foundation and heart of his menu, produces distinctly nuanced, earthy flavors that are reflective of season, variety, geography and craft. 


The Best Central Texas Barbecue in Seattle!

Jack’s BBQ is based on the BBQ style started in butcher shops in Central Texas in the late 1800’s. Beef and pork with a simple salt and pepper rub, smoked low and slow over hardwoods (post oak, mesquite, hickory), and served on butcher paper.  Sauce is optional (sometimes not even served in Central Texas), along with pickles and white bread.


Serafina opened its doors in 1991 as an intimate neighborhood restaurant located along Eastlake between the University district and Downtown Seattle. Its ochre walls, reminiscent of the Tuscan landscape, its intimate, sultry atmosphere, and its authentic Italian cuisine make it a favorite with diners from around the Puget Sound and beyond. Serafina’s philosophy is simple: Offer the freshest, highest quality ingredients, present the food in an honest and inviting way, and provide the casual warmth and soothing ambiance that echoes the welcoming embrace of an Italian home.

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